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A Voice for Community Supported Agriculture

The Community Farm is a quarterly newsletter especially for people interested in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), but we hope it is useful to anyone with an interest in sustainable agriculture, family farms or anyone who cares about current issues facing farmers.


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The Community Farm
At a time when farms are disappearing at an alarming rate, and some refer to family farms as an endangered species, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) can offer a path to farm preservation, stability and profitability, at the same time that it connects people with their food supply and builds community.
a midsummer harvest
the wide variety of veggies availble from a CSA is only one of the benefits of joining a CSA farm

Our Goal...
is to provide a forum for growers, CSA farm members and prospective CSA farmers: a place for us to explore ideas, techniques and situations specifically related to CSA interests. We work to make the newsletter appealing to anyone with a general interest in organic farming practices, small farm preservation, and sustainable agriculture.

Each Issue...
of the newsletter features articles of special interest to CSA or other farmers, farm members and others. Recent examples include advice for forming a core group, holistic management and drip irrigation. Essays from CSA farmers, ag professionals or farm members are featured. We share tips and techniques that have worked for CSA farmers. Reports on research, reviews of books, advice on Plowing the Web (the World Wide one, that is) are regular features.

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For information about our CSA, Highlands BioProduce, Tri-Cities area of NE Tennessee/ SW Virginia visit:
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